Do you know the new rules of pension

Do you know the new rules of pension

The Family Pension Rules state that if an employee dies in the line of duty, the family pension can be paid primarily to the widow or widower of a Central Government employee. But now some changes have been made in the rules of pension. So you also know with one click how many pensions you are entitled under the new rules.

This rule of pension changed

This is the rule if a central employee dies while on the job

If you die seven years ago, you will get Rs

The Government of India offers various types of pensions to Central Government employees and their family members. The Family Pension Scheme 1971 provides pension to the family members of a Central Government employee who dies in the workplace. Earlier, as per the rules of the 7th Pay Commission, family members of Central Government employees were given a normal family pension who died at work. Now, through the 54th amendment to the Family Pension Scheme 1971, the Center has decided to change the rules for the benefit of government employees. The government will also provide benefits to those who die before seven years of service.

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According to the changed pension rules, if an employee dies before 7 years of service, the family of a government employee will now be entitled to a pension of up to 50 per cent of the last salary for 10 years as per the rules of the Seventh Pay Commission. Earlier in the case of his death there was a provision of at least 7 years of employment. And only his family could get a pension of 50 per cent of the last salary. Employees who have not completed 7 years of service were receiving only 30 per cent of their last salary as pension.


This is the rule of family pension

The Family Pension Act states that the Family Pension is mainly paid to the widow or widower of a government employee who dies during service. Children aged 25 years and below are eligible for family pension at the time of death of a Central Government employee. So this pension is given to children when they are not married. Or if their monthly income does not exceed Rs. 9000, unmarried daughter, widowed daughter or married daughter of deceased Central Government employee will also be considered as eligible heirs for pension.


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