Big forecast for Mawtha in Gujarat

By | March 4, 2022

Big forecast for Mawtha in Gujarat

Friends, Now that them monsoon season is approaching, the meteorological department has forecast rain in some parts of Gujarat. In Gujarat, we know that it often rains non-seasonally. And due to this unseasonal rain, farmers lose a lot. Farmers’ crops are severely damaged. Rainfall is also often predicted by Ambalal Patel.

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Rainstorms often cause major catastrophes. Rivers, canals overflow. It often happens that rivers also flood, people’s homes are also strained and there is a big loss.

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We know that the economic condition of the farmers of our country is very poor and when it rains, the crops of the farmers are strained. Then it is the turn of the farmers to suffer huge losses as well as huge losses on their economic situation.

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The meteorological department has forecast rains in a given area in Gujarat. As well as predicted by Ambalal Patel. The meteorological department said that in addition to rains, halwa winds could also hit the area.

At a time when Korona is raging in the state and at that time the Gujarat Meteorological Department has forecast rains in some parts of Saurashtra in Gujarat. In Gujarat, due to the effect of hot winds from the south and west, mercury of more than 38 degrees has been recorded in 11 cities of the state. Due to this, the weather department has forecast rain in the coming days.

The maximum temperature has risen due to hot and dry winds. The minimum temperature has gone down and it is getting cold at night and very hot during the day. The first week of March saw temperatures above 40C. Then the temperature is likely to rise in the next few days.

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