App of importance for women’s safety

By | October 3, 2020

App of importance for women’s safety

Indian Women Safety application is made for guaranteeing lives of people in any emergency conditions. In case of any risky condition, essentially TAP the SOS catch to raise an emergency SOS alert to the accepted contacts saved in the application.

The SOS prepared will be as SMS teaching that you are perilous and need help. The SMS joins exact current GPS territory with address of the customer close by google maps interface. The accepted contacts can use this google maps interface with get headings and investigate to the particular territory of the furious person. The application can be used for your own security, ladies wellbeing and adolescents security.

To send the SOS alert to the trusted in contacts, customer should recognized very few approvals that prompts with in the application. These yielded approvals grants application to get the zone nuances, gotten contacts, perform calls and send sms.

Ladies Safety application in like manner offers tips to ladies wellbeing, tips to escape from peril, Indian reformatory code sections related to ladies and accounts that helps for self conservation.

Appp Highlights: 

  • SOS Emergency Alert
  • Women Safety Tips
  • Tip to Escape from Threats
  • Self-protect Video
  • IPC Sections Related to Women Safety

Why this App? 

  • Works without Internet
  • SMS based
  • Works even in low association signals
  • No User Data is assembled far out
    Very light weight
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