Animal Husbandry Schemes

By | March 1, 2020

Animal Husbandry Schemes

2200 crore CM announces livestock assistance scheme
– Assistance to 5 per cent on the purchase of 5 kg of livestock for one cattle per one cow or buffalo, one month per animal.
– An estimated 1 lakh MPs of the milk producing societies will benefit the livestock, for which a provision of Rs.


– Provision of a total of Rs. 1 crore for one-time structural assistance to registered cages.
Provision of Rs. 1 crore to assist the cattlemen in setting up a dairy farm, cattle unit and goat unit.

Provision of Rs. 1 crore for the services of one animal clinic per 1 village across the state.
– New Veterinary College at Rajpur Nawan near Himmatnagar. Provision of Rs. 1 crore for Fisheries Postgraduate Studies Center, Animal Treatment Institutions and Intimate Animal Improvement Offices.
– Provision of Rs. 1 crore for various activities of breeding of Desi gir and Kankraj cows.
– Provision of Rs. 1 crore for CM’s free animal treatment scheme.
– A provision of Rs. 1 crore for the improvement of Karuna Ambulance 3 service in Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat, Rajkot, Bhavnagar and Mehsana for the treatment of manga animals.

Outlays of the scheme

There is budget provision of Rs 325 carore during the year 2019-20, which includes Rs 196.99 crore under MH2404 (General Comonent), Rs 49.60 crore under MH2404 (SC Component), Rs 25.79 crore under MH2404 (Tribal Component) and Rs 45.70 crore under MH2552 (North Eastern Region) & Rs 4.56 crore under MH2552 (SC Component), Rs 2.36 crore under MH2552 (Tribal Component).
Eligible Beneficiaries
●Farmers, individual entrepreneurs, NGOs, companies, groups of organised and unorganised sectors, etc. Groups of organised sector include Self-help Groups (SHGs), dairy cooperative societies, milk unions, milk federations, etc.

●An individual will be eligible to avail assistance for all the components under the scheme but only once for each component

●More than one member of a family can be assisted under the scheme provided they set up separate units with separate infrastructure at different locations. The distance between the boundaries of two such farms should be at least 500 metres.

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