Admission to girls in Gujarat’s sainik schools

By | October 21, 2020

Admission to girls in Gujarat’s sainik schools

There is good news for girls who dream of serving the country and becoming officers by studying in military schools. Soldier School in Gujarat has opened its doors for girls 60 years after the establishment of Balachadi. Because the Indian Armed Forces can serve itself, the girls will be given admission in the year 2021 in Sainik School Balachadi.

Admission will be given in Sainik School Balachadi

Earlier, only boys were allowed to enter the Sainik School Balachadi, which was set up to train youths to enter the Raksha Academy (NDA), 32 km from Jamnagar.

Officials said. That is, 10 girls will be admitted at the beginning of the coming academic session. The number of seats for girls will be increased later. At the same time, 67 per cent seats will be reserved for school girls in Gujarat. It may be mentioned that residential schools used to give admission to students from standard 6 and they used to train students from standard 11 by joining NDA. Now girls can also take admission in standard 6 here.

Approval was given by the ministry two years ago

About two years ago, the defense ministry decided to admit five girls to 33 military schools in the country. These include Sainik Schools at Chandrapur (Maharashtra), Bijapur (Karnataka), Kodagu (Karnataka), Kalikiri (Andhra Pradesh) and Dhodakhal (Uttarakhand). Even after that the girls were not given admission as there was no other arrangement including hostel. Now the path of admission of students in the 2020-21 session has been cleared. In the school, all the activities related to the study of the students are almost completed.

The girls will also serve the country by becoming military officers

Admission was given only to boys in soldier schools but now the way is clear for girls. If the girls dreamed of serving the country by becoming army officers, they can fulfill their dream by taking admission after the decision of the Ministry of Defense.

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